From seed to product

Iriscorp represents a forestry company based on Estonian capital, which has become a prominent player in the Estonian market as part of the larger Combi group. Distinguished among companies operating in various sectors, Iriscorp is committed to the maximal use of local raw materials. The company’s philosophy is that the entire production process, from timber procurement to finished products, takes place in Estonia. This strategy not only fosters the local economy but also helps to reduce the environmental footprint associated with transportation. More than twenty years of experience provides Iriscorp with a solid foundation to be a leader in sustainable and responsible forestry.

Acquiring Forest Properties

Iriscorp is firmly rooted in the Estonian forestry landscape, actively acquiring metsakinnistute ost across the country. Buying forest land allows the company not only to expand its operations but also to contribute to the sustainable development of Estonian forests. In the purchasing process, Iriscorp ensures that each transaction has positive outcomes for both the local population and the wider environment. The company’s interest in forest properties goes beyond economic considerations, focusing also on preserving and enhancing the ecological diversity of forests.

Acquiring Logging Rights

Iriscorp does not limit itself to purchasing forest properties but also buys logging rights, offering flexibility to landowners in managing their forest resources. Raieõiguse ost allows the company to be even more active in the sustainable forest management process, adhering to all environmental protection standards. Buying and selling logging rights support Iriscorp’s vision of responsible forest use, ensuring the well-being and long-term sustainability of forests.

Developing Forest Management Plans

Iriscorp Transport OÜ also offers a service for developing forest management plans, aimed at both individuals and companies wishing to sustainably manage their forest land. Professionally developed forest management plans help landowners assess the current state of their forests, plan future activities, while considering biological diversity and environmental requirements. Leveraging its extensive experience, Iriscorp ensures that each forest management plan complies with legislation and best practices, supporting both the ecological and economic sustainability of the forest.

Iriscorp’s activities demonstrate the company’s commitment to the sustainable management of Estonian forests. With strong ties in the local community and an active contribution to the enhancement of Estonian forests, Iriscorp is a paragon of responsible forest management. Their strategic activities, which include purchasing forest properties and logging rights and developing forest management plans, affirm the company’s environmental and economic commitment, ensuring the well-being and sustainability of Estonian forests for the future.